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Episode 16

Episode 16, our guest is Emil Kolarov, with whom we analyze the consumption of wine under global pandemic. We try to guess how the Bulgarian wine market will change in the future and how wine events will correspond with COVID-19. For the end of the episode we do open a bottle of orange wine produced in a classic way and aged in the so called “kvevri”

Виното, което дегустирахме:

2017 Iago’s Wine Chinuri, Kartli, Georgia

Продуцент: Стела Илчева

GreenDog productions

Winehunters: Радослав Радев и Стефан Гьонев

DoP: Николай Стефанов

Оператор: Владимир Павлов

Звук: Стефан Вашев

Монтаж: Владимир Павлов

Logo design: Стефан Гьонев

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