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Episode 15

In episode 15 we do mix history, geography, chemistry, physics under the influence of three white rums, each of which is an example of specific category and taste. All of this and much more combined with the expertise of Asen Stanev expects you in episode 15 of Wine Hunt.

Ромовете, които дегустирахме:

Santiago de Cuba Blanco

Plantation 3 stars (Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad)

Neisson Blanc Agricole, AOC Martinique, France

Продуцент: Стела Илчева

GreenDog productions

Winehunters: Радослав Радев и Стефан Гьонев

DoP: Николай Стефанов

Оператор: Никола Алексов

Звук: Стефан Вашев

Монтаж: Владимир Павлов

Logo design: Стефан Гьонев

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