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The season is open!

Who are we?

The people in the WineHunt project have a lot of commonalities amongst which the love and passion for wine. It is exactly they which brought us together and made us think – what can we share, how and to whom can we say it, and how can we change the perception of the general audience so that wine drinking becomes an exciting and unforgettable adventure. Or simply said – to invite you to travel in our company.

cheers with wineglasses
wine cellar with bottles

WineHunt is a platform which allows us to talk about how we understand wine, good food and the colourful life.

What's in this bottle? Who made it and why, the hell, is it so good (or not always)? Those are just a few of the questions our wine hunters will try to answer for you.
We have no ambition to educate you to become great wine professionals, and there is no need to. All we want to do is have fun, enjoy every moment and share our love for wine. If you fall in love too – this is great, we are not jealous.
You will be infected with our passion, curiosity and knowledge. Together we will taste as wine critics, but we will also drink as wine lovers. You will learn what our wine hunters think about each bottle and what is actually hidden over there.


Every month we will try to make tastings with different themes in a restaurant, wine shop or wine cellar chosen by us or by you. In our calendar we will mark all wine events that you can visit, both in the country and abroad.

Episode 29

Този епизод е шумен, весел и пъстър – като района на Южен Сакар и като…

Episode 28

В новия епизод продължаваме да ловуваме из района на Южен Сакар и попадаме на много…

Episode 27

В новия епизод на WineHunt ни гостува Илиана Коева от Изба Коларово. Опитваме заедно три…


Together we will taste wines and food, we will cook, we will combine, we will meet friends, we will discuss and argue. Maybe we will teach you something. Maybe you will teach us something. We will talk about wine culture, about food, about travel. We will talk about life. We will introduce you to people dedicated to wine, we will visit the best wine regions not only in Bulgaria but also around the world. We will try the most expensive wines, but we will also convince you that a good wine does not necessarily cost much. We will have fun.


Radoslav Radev


Stella Ilcheva


Stefan Gyonev


Vladimir Pavlov


Asen Stanev


Svetoslav Stoyanov

Stela Ilcheva
Stefan Gyonev
Radoslav Radev

We are not a closed elite circle

You are welcome if you feel there is a wine hunter inside of you just waiting for the season’s opening

We promise it will be fun,

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